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How To Use Your Fertile Window As A Productivity Tool

Female mood swings have always gotten a bad rep. But a few years ago, I decided to claim it. It all started back in 2016 when I came across this video by Glamour on understanding your menstrual cycle better. A 2 minute video changed my view on how my body works. It all made sense. Why on certain days I feel down without any reason, why on certain days am way too productive and on top of everything, and most importantly why I get two cystic acnes a month that leaves lifetime scars.

You’ll probably find thousands of articles and videos on the internet how PMS AKA Pre-Menstrual Syndrome works and why you are most likely to get pregnant during the fertile window. So I am not here today to give a lesson on hormones. But rather a hack on how to claim it.

Fertility Tracker:

The most crucial step on owning your PMS mood swings is to download a fertility tracker. Most iPhones have a health app and it works the best for me. Once you log your last month’s cycle, the app will predict your next months predicted period time, as well as your approaching fertile window.

Fertile Window:

The fertile window is the time when you are most likely to get pregnant. It consists of an average of 6 days when you are ovaluating and ends with the release of the egg. It starts about 12-14 days before getting your periods. And it’s the time when plan B or morning after pill doesn’t work. It works differently for every women but if you track at least 3 months of your cycle, your fertility tracker will likely predict your window correctly.

How I Use My Fertile Window As My Productivity Tool:

Ever since I started understanding my cycle better, I started using this information to optimize my productivity. 7 years of religiously tracking my cycle, and I can predict my mood, productivity and my skin like a clockwork.

I prepare myself way ahead of my fertility window. I schedule the most crucial and strenuous works to be done during these period. And not only do I get them done without any hassle, I end up looking for more to do. I’m on top of everything. I get my own work done and go around looking out for people I care for. And I get something done for them as well.

As an ambivert, this is the time when I don’t mind socializing. I go out and have fun, and there’s still more of the day left. I own these 6 days out of the entire month, and I live them to the fullest. And my skin GLOWS. One more reason to go out more during these days.

Beyond Productivity 😉

Our bodies are biologically meant to reproduce. So while you are the most fertile, your hormones kindda pushes you to get pregnant every way possible. This is the time when I get a high libido and I’m kindda aroused ALL THE TIME!

Just like I schedule the most strenuous works for this window, I also stock up on protections for this time. Loads and loads of them. And let me tell you, orgasms during this window can be INTENSE!

I always make sure not to pick up any fights with my partner as the fertile window approaches as part of the preparation. Like I already said, I make the most out of this period 😉

And The Egg Drops:

By the end of the 6th day of the window, I start feeling down. I just don’t feel like getting out of the bed and dark thoughts keep coming to my mind. I pick up fights with my partner for absolutely no reason at all. And I keep digging even deeper into the hell hole in my mind while breaking down in crying spells.  

If I force myself to get out of the bed, a quick look into the mirror hits like a light bulb in my head. My skin is oily AF and a huge painful cystic acne is starting to pop on my cheeks. I check my health app and yes the 6th day of my fertile window is about to end. I sigh in relief, affirming myself that I am not a crazy, psycho biatch. My body is just angry that I didn’t give it a baby.

Sometimes I just go back to bed and crash. Because there’s no reason on forcing my body or brain to keep on functioning while they don’t want to. After all, they needed a break after continuously working the past few days.

Working Through PMS Mood Swings:

The ovaluation mood swings last 2 more days. And sometimes after giving my mind and body a break for a day I force myself to work out a little. Maybe do some yoga.  And it does work like a miracle. I’m not saying it make me as productive or happy like I am on my fertile window. But it certainly reduces the irritability and gets me to function the rest of the day.   

The following week goes okay. I don’t run on dopamine, nor do I completely crash. These days are okay, an average to the best. Until it’s two day to my period and I crash again. The dark thoughts, the acne, the crying spells, the lack of interest in getting out of bed and the overenthusiasm in picking up a fight, it all comes back.

About a day and half later, I get my periods and I sigh in relief! I am not a crazy, psycho biatch!

The first day of my period is mostly spent in bed. Getting cold shoulders from my partner because I just picked up a fight with him for absolutely no good reason! But as my second day passes, I go out ruling my own goddamn world!

And if you are wondering how I do that, read my post on how I enjoy a mess free period every month!

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NOTE: Every woman has different PMS symptoms. I spent years on figuring out my patterns and how to work through it. While it can be extreme, I’m glad that it does follow a pattern which I can keep a tab on.