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How An Anti-Biotic Overdose During COVID Gave Me Dry And Itchy Vagina

I was a proud COVID Virgin throughout the first wave and second wave. I am saying proud, because I took social distancing to a whole new level, basically going into hibernation for straight two years. Even social distancing from family members who didn’t take as much precaution as I did. Yet, I was infected with Omicron when COVID disappeared from our collective consciousness.

Omicron for me was everything Omicron promised to be, with the added bonus of essences of every health issues I ever had in the past. Once I recovered, it left me with a lot of issues. Extreme fatigue and hair loss lasted for months. And it left me with lingering nausea as severe as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. But what lasted the most was dry and itchy vagina that eventually resulted in Vaginal Yeast Infection due to my own neglects.

My vaginal health has always been good so when my vagina suddenly started itching the very day my COVID test finally came negative, I knew my omicron had something to do with it.

A quick Google search confirmed by doubts. An anti-biotic overdose during COVID can lead to dry and itchy vagina and even vaginal yeast infection. An imbalance to the bacterial flora inside the vagina is what causes it.

Like any other issues that I personally face, I went the holistic way to treat my dry and itchy vagina. Since the issue is the disturbance of the bacterial flora, I reached out to my trusted probiotics. First it was yogurts and curds, and soon I reached out to supplements. I have been taking probiotic supplements on and off since 2017 and they have always almost worked for me. When we take antibiotics, they end up destroying both the good and bad bacteria in our body resulting in fatigue, dizziness, nausea and other infections. So supplementing with probiotic AKA good bacteria while taking antibiotics have helped me prevent any side effects so far.

But due to my soul crushing nausea during my Omicron I only managed to take the meds prescribed by my doctor. So once I started suffering from dry and itchy vagina, probiotics were the first things I reached out to. And they did work, temporarily. The itch would go away for 5-6hrs and then come back like a clock-work. I would take another cup of yogurt and another 6 hours of relief. This went on for months.

In the mean time I continued living life normally as if my vagina suddenly didn’t decide to become dry. As someone who has never dealt with dry vagina, sex became a challenge, and painful. But instead of seeking medical help, I decided to switch to extra lubricated condoms. It made sex possible, but it BURNT once it was over. And from personal experience, this is not what I would recommend to someone who’s going through the same.

As I continued ignoring my decreasing vaginal health, the itchiness kept increasing. The probiotic was still working, but like I said, temporally. I did another Google search and found out that apart from probiotics, huge doses of Vitamin C can help itchy vagina by killing the bad bacteria. And you guessed it! I tried that too. I lived off cups of yogurts and strips of Vitamin C tablets for months until I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I was either on the verge of getting a Vaginal Yeast Infection or probably already got it.

I finally visited my OB GYN and she gave me Candid CL-Vaginal Suppository for 6 days. I use a similar composition of topical antibiotic when I get comedonal acne, and let me tell you, it gets worse before it gets better. The first two days after starting the suppository I couldn’t sleep or go out. It itched and BURNT. And no amount of probiotic or Vita C could really do anything. On third day it started getting a little better after the evening.

And me being me, I had sex that night. Reader cautionary: It is really not advisable. DON’T DO IT!

But I did it anyway! In my defence, it was sleep sex. And the itching and burning returned immediately, with vengeance. My sleep sex left me with no sleep for the rest of the night and the nights that followed.

The itching and burning stayed. It lingered until the day after I took my last suppository. From day 8, it started feeling better. Within a couple more days the itchiness as well as the dryness disappeared.

I went back to my regular sex life shortly after and so far have not faced any more dry vagina issues since.

So if you are someone who’s facing any issues with Vaginal Health since suffering from COVID, or since taking any kind of antibiotic, it would be worth giving your OB GYN a visit. Don’t drag it like I did and make it worse. 

Until next time…